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Previous: https://www.w3.org/International/multilingualweb/lt/wiki/ExecBoard-2012-01-26

Minutes of today's call: https://www.w3.org/2012/02/09-mlw-lt-minutes.html

1 Action items

Action items from last call, see https://www.w3.org/International/multilingualweb/lt/wiki/ExecBoard-2012-01-26

  1. Felix to ping LT-Web participants to respond to Call for Review: Internationalization Activity Proposal - MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Charter. DONE, we now have 20 reviews, which is quite good.
  2. Felix to ping external participants from W3C members to respond to the MultilingualWeb-LT Call for Review. Status: see Working Group Call list and results of review. On my radar: Michael Smith (W3C), W3C Japan folks, libraries, publishing area, Oxygen folks. DONE, see above.
  3. Felix to talk to Ian Jacobs (W3C communications team) about press release for new working group. Due date: 7 February. Need as many participants for the working grou as possible before. ONGOING
  4. Felix to ask Ian Jacobs to send a reminder for Call for review to Ian Jacobs. Due: 10 February. DROPPED, not needed any more.
  5. Felix to discuss charter W3C internally, in Interaction Domain. Due: 31 January. DONE, no specific feedback.
  6. Felix to ping Richard about contact at google. Due: 27 January. DONE.
  7. Felix to coordinate with Richard about blog post for new group. Due: coordinate with announcement of group, end of February.
  8. Felix to prepare home page, based on http://www.w3.org/International/core/ . Due: coordinate with announcement of group, end of February.
  9. Logo task force (Richard, Arle, Declan, Alex, Milan) to come up with a logo. Due: 27 January. DONE
  10. Felix to wrap up Berlin face-to-face meeting: minutes, action items, upload of contributions, next actions. Due: 27 January. ONGOING
  11. Felix to put upcoming events into wiki and remind participants about their commitment. Due: 30 January. DONE
  12. Felix to setup missing W3C infrastructure for LT-Web: mailing list and action item tracker. Due: 27 January. ONGOING
  13. Felix to clean up wiki, e.g. differentiate LT-Web vs. MultilingualWeb-LT clearly. Due: 26 January. ONGOING
  14. Felix to prepare a factsheet for the cordis homepage. Due: 30 January ONGOING, action item will go to Dave
  15. Felix to make sure that every LT-Web participant is in the relevant W3C group. Due: 3 February. DONE
  16. Felix to come up with first draft of "shadow charter". Due: 2 February ONGOING, action item taken over by David
  17. Felix to create an overview of RDFa / microdata approach. Due: 7 February ONGOING
  18. Felix to set up subgroups. Due: 30 January DONE

2 Dates for 1st workshop

3 Who else to ping for working group participation?

4 Face-to-face meeting in Frankfurt - participation & expectation

5 Any other business