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NOTE: this page is currently not updated. See tracker open action items amongs others for editing assignments

1 Process

  • Please list below what you are going to edit, in the form of what, who, when.
  • Make the edit, update the changelog, and send an announcement about the change to the public list.

2 What to edit

3 Editors Assignments

WhatWhoWhenLink to edit in specNotes
[Ed. note: Explain why translate/lang/dir are missing from HTML5.].FelixDonesection on selection local-
query languageJirkaDonedone in various places in the spec-
Edit HTML / Xpath usage related parts of spec.JirkaDropped-dropped, see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt/2012Aug/0167.html
entity / disambiguation section, see material from TadejShaunDone--
idValue, see section from YvesYvesDonesection on Id Valuedone
special requirementsYvesDone--
Preserve space, see material from ShaunArleDone--
Go throug draft and make it more HTML5 reader friendlyFelixNeed a volunteer--
Localization Quality Issue data categoryYvesDoneLocalization Quality Issuedone
Localization Quality Precis data categoryYvesDoneLocalization Quality Precisdone
Provenance data categoryDave---