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Best Practice Documents

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Several ITS2.0 best practice documents are under development by the working group, under the named topic champions:

  • Examination of ITS2.0 Requirements and contributed issues to establish requriements for possible further requriements for recommendation in this area
    • David Lewis, Felix Sasaki
  • Documenting the ITS/XLIFF mapping
    • David Filip, Yves Savourel, Dave Lewis
  • Documenting ITS2.0 Use Cases
  • Best practice for using the LocalizationQualityIssues data categoryin relation to existing quality frameworks
    • Arle Lommel
  • Best practice in using Provenance Best Practice data category with the W3C PROV recommendations
    • Dave Lewis
  • Best Practice in ITS-RDF mapping
  • Best practice in using ITS2.0 terminology and disambiguation in relation to existing terminology workflows and related external models such as NIF
    • Felix Sasaki
  • Best practice in using ITS2.0 data categories with machine translation
  • Best Practice in using ITS2.0 with Content Management Systems

Please contact the named champions or working group via the mailing list if you wish to propose or contribute to the formation of best practice.