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This page is no longer used, and is out of date. This information it contained can be found by visiting the Internationalization home page and following the links to the various LE (Language Enablement) repositories. The home page for each of those repositories contains links under "Help Wanted!" to questions, and under "Discussions" links to other types of information.

This page tracks issues related to language support on the Web. Issues listed may be requests to a local community for information about the behaviour of their writing system, or requests for improvements to either specs or browser implementations.

These issues are also linked to from the Language enablement index.

The sections and items within those sections are ordered by the last modified date of the items in the tracker repository (not the discussions). The mostly recently changed items appear highest. The link on the left of each line links directly to the issue where the discussion is taking place. The date indicates when the tracker item was modified, and the right-hand column links to that item in the i18n-activity github repo.

You can filter the list in the URL. Add one or two of the filter names in the right-hand column after ?filter=. If adding two, separate them with +.

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