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Felix Sasaki.


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1 General

Editorial: The RFC 2119 Keywords (must etc.) would be better to read if they would be in bold face. In sec., there is a MUST in capital letters.

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2Sec. "This is can be viewed " should be "This can be viewed".--
3Sec. 6.1You write "The media type application/ccxml+xml will be registered for CCXML documents.". When will this be the case?--
4Sec. You define the <meta> property name in terms of rdfs:seeAlso. You should update the reference to the RDF Schema recommendation.--
5Sec. Its mechanism for URI escaping relies on the RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax specification. To be able to use the <meta> property name in internationalized contexts, please refer to section 3.1 of the IRI specification instead. --
6Sec. 6.2.7You state that except from http and https, other URI based protocolls might be supported for <fetch>. Please refer to the IRI specification instead. As for the table in section, a reference to IRI instead of URI should be made for the attribute next.--
7Sec. comment on Sec. 6.2.7 also applies to the attribute next on the <createccxml> element, and on many more (see comment 9).--
8Sec. 6.3 and othersThe comment on Sec. 6.2.7 also applies to the attribute URI from the fetch.done event. (sec. 6.3.2), the error.fetch event (sec. 6.3.3), the scr attribute at the <dialogprepare> element (sec., the URI reference in the src attribute at the <dialogstart> element (sec., the URI attribute from the 7.3.5: dialog.transfer event (sec. 7.3.5), the scr attribute at the <script> element (sec., the session variables session.uri and session.ioprocessors (sec. 8.3), the target attribute at the <send> element (sec., the conncetion properties local and remote (sec. 10.2.2), the dest attribute at the <redirect> element (sec. and a the <createcall> element (sec., the conferenceid at the <createconference> element (sec. or at e.g. the <destroyconference> element (sec., and various parts of the appendix.--
9Appendix I. 1You refer to security conditions for URL (RFC 1738). Please refer to RFC 3986, section 7 instead. RFC 3986 updates 1738 and obsoletes 2732, 2396, 1808. It would be even better if you could refer to RFC 3987, section 8.--

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