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Translator's checklist

This page provides a checklist for reviewing translations prior to sending to Richard Ishida/publication. Thanks for your help!

Working with the source

Check the following:

  1. you have edited your file in utf-8
  2. you have removed any byte-order mark (see The byte-order mark (BOM) in HTML).
  3. http://www.w3.org/International should usually be /International
  4. .html should usually be nothing for links to the w3c site, except where there is a language extension (ie. xxx.en.html is correct).
  5. image src attributes in the content link to images in the images directory
  6. Correct assignments have been made in the PHP at the top of the page for: $clang, $isTranslation, $copyrightYear, $thisVersion, $translators, $enVersion, etc.
  7. None of the PHP code has been disturbed
  8. keywords and description are translated and have right language attrs, if needed
  9. invisible text is translated, especially alt and title attribute text
  10. there are no inappropriate "xxx" sequences
  11. check there is no other untranslated text


Ensure that the file validates as HTML before returning it. Because this is a PHP file, you will need to validate the HTML in the following way:

  1. Copy the source text of the entire file into the box at HTML validation
  2. Important: Remove the following:
    1. the initial PHP block of code (ie. from the first line that says <?php to the line with ?> just before the DOCTYPE)
    2. the following code from the <html> tag: <?php echo "lang='$clang' xml:lang='$clang'";?>
  3. Click on "Check"
  4. If the result isn't valid, please fix the code and check again.

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