The workshop runs over three days (see announcement ) . The proposed plan (mail me with any ideas!) is as follows:



Welcome (Dale), and Introduction (Tim)

Brainstorming session: What are the needs of organisations represented? (Short presentation on ORA needs?) What are the most important technical points for the web which need to be resolved now? Which points are related? What are the most pressing? Collecting questions only, no technical answers.


Coodinating future work: models for collaboration, consortia, etc.


Existing discrepancies: ironing out implementation differences, in HTTP and HTML.


Maybe break into groups separately for morning and afternoon sessions. Select topics from this list and the result of the brainstorming dependent on the expertese we have in the workshop, and on priorities expressed on Wednesday. Report back from groups. Chose topics to take over to Friday.


Informal workshop dinner, venue to be announced or decided on the spot


Selected topics taken over from thursday, in groups if groups demand time else in plenary.

Evaluation of workshop, possibility of future workshops.

Concluding summary.

Tim BL