W3-Oracle gateway implementation

Oracle server

This was written during August and September 1992 by Arthur Secret . See also: Arthur's notes., W3-RDB gateways in general.

The server takes a W3 query as an SQL SELECT staement and returns the results formatted as a table in plain text.

This server is obviously a good sarting point for a gateway to provide a hypertext view of an oracle database.


The normal daemon files from the basic W3 daemon and library are used, and also:
The clue to how it is built, with lists of W3 and oracle libraries. (Not all the Oracle libraries mentioned are necessarily used).
Is put through the Oracle preprocessor Pro*C. This is the guts of the gateway.
Header file for HTOracle.pc
This is modified from the regular version to call HTOracle.pc
This is a test program which runs on the terminal
Tim BL