This is a WWW server for the Macintosh.
Chuck Shotton, Ass't Director, Academic Computing, Univesity of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX. <>
Anonymous FTP from in the public/mac/MacHTTP directory, or connect to the MacHTTP home page

What's new

Added support for searchable documents. Search support is provided by AppleScript. Arguments are passed in the AppleScript variable http_search_args. See the search.script document for examples. Cleaned up log messages sent to the screen. The old style of message is still available if the "Verbose" option is enabled. Logging now reports search args. Added "Suspend Logging" option which closes (or reopens) the current log file, allowing it to be viewed or manipulated by other programs. Added special character translation. MacHTTP now understands %xx encoding for special characters in URLs. Note that version 1.0 was skipped to avoid confusion as to whether 1.0 was newer than 1.0d9, etc. Version 1.1 marks the first "real" release of MacHTTP.

What is it?

MacHTTP is a server for Macs participating in the World Wide Web (WWW). It allows you to serve hypertext documents to other WWW users from your Macintosh. This version allows you to serve text documents (like HyperText Markup Language documents) as well as binary files (GIFs, f'rinstance). This server works with the standard WWW clients as well as clients like XMosaic that support embedded graphics and it supports HTTP version 0.

Release Notes

Current version is 1.1, 10/13/93

Tue, 28 Sep 1993

A new version of MacHTTP, v.1.0d9, is now available for anonymous FTP from:, /public/mac/MacHTTP1.0d9.sit.hqx

Lots of new stuff in this release! First, a big thanks goes to Chris Johnson
( who provided a chunk of code for resolving
file aliases. That means that as of this version, you can have aliases in
place of every file with the exception of the log file and they will be
correctly interpreted. 

Logging to a file has been implemented, capturing information on the date,
time, remote host, and requested file. Information on whether or not the
query was successfully performed is also logged. Logging is controlled
in the config file.

Specifications for the Default.html and Error.html files were added to the
configuration file, allowing you to specify any file for your home page
as well as error messages. These files can now be AppleScripts as well.

See the Special Files and Configuration File sections for more details.
Please read the instructions carefully. A lot of information has been 
added and I probably haven't documented it very well.

3 Jun 1993

A new version of MacHTTP, the HTTP server for Macs and WWW, is now
available. This version fixes a security hole and limits client access to
the folder (and subfolders below) containing the MacHTTP application. 

Also, support was added for default home page documents, error message
documents, and an option to toggle verbose debug messages. Improved support
for HTTP2 clients has been added. (MacHTTP now correctly ignores the HTTP2
extensions after the URL path.)

The new version can be found on as