Design Notes

These are points arising from discussions, etc. Note that as the design takes shape, it goes straight into the web in place. Old points remaining here only have historical value. There is also a to-be-thought-of list.

Reverse chronological order:

Carl's legacy
Browser: Updates , wish-list, daemon Updates, wish-list.
Tim in US
An incomplete trip report...
Robert's comments on the above
WWW Data Model
June 92 -- provisional
WWW Function
June 92 -- provisional
From Version to Version
June 92 -- provisional for HTTP v2
HTRQ definition
May 92 -- provisional for HTTP v2
HTTP2 definition
May 92 -- provisional
HTML v2 definition
May 92 -- provisional
Coding Standards
Introduced Oct 1991
New architecture
The browser architecure after the changes below.
New architecture changes
Architecure changes necessray in browser Oct 91
Performance of FIND server
29 May 91
Letter Re: Still no DTD, huh?