ViolaWWW Hypertext Browser

ViolaWWW implements an X-Windows browser client to the World-Wide Web system. This browser has the basic navigation mechanisms of clickable-hot-words, history list (previous/back/next document traversal), and book-mark list. It has keyword search entry, and can do page cloning (multiple windows). There exists a simple printer hook, and a HTML source viewer (not editor).

ViolaWWW is built using the Viola interactive media tool(kit).

See also: ToDo list.

Thanks for taking the time to do bug reports, and suggestions!


March 9 to April 20, 1992
Releases to the WWW people at CERN for tests.
May ?, 1992
General release.

Check out the ViolaWWW bulletin at the XCF for the latest announcements, releases, and bug-fixes regarding this software.

Pei Y. Wei

Experimental Computing Facility (XCF)

University of California at Berkeley