To install the WorldWideWeb program properly you will need to be superuser. It is possible to use take a private copy of the program (see below) if you really have to, but for a system-wide copy, the steps are as follows. If you are at CERN, you should use NFS to remotely mount the files (see explanation ). REMEMBER THE dwrite you need below. The commands to do this are therefore (inserting the full path name of your directory where indicated, and the version number for vvv):- tar -xf WWWNeXTStepEditor_vvv.tar su root mkdir /LocalApps ln -s /(fullpathname)/ /LocalApps Don't do the mkdir step if you already have a /LocalApps directory

Making a private copy

If you don't have privilege, and you don't have the ear of someone who does, it is possible to take a private copy of the program. It is better, of course, to get it installed system-wide, but if desperate, procede as above but instead link the application to your own directory, and take a copy of the system default file as your own default file. The commands are therefore:- tar -xf WWWMeXTStepEditor_vvv.tar ln -s /(fullpathname)/WorldWideWeb ~/Apps

Personal setup

Each person who wants to use it on the machine, whether it is a system copy or his private copy, must before he can use WWW: dwrite WorldWideWeb NewsHost (hostname) You (each user) may later want to create your own WWW subdirectory under your home directory. In that subdirectory you may like to put :