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HyperText Request

This is a language used to specify information about the client to the server (for notation, see BNF ). The information is sent to the server after the GET command line , and is only recognised if the format HTRQ has been specified in that command line.

HTRQ specifies information about the client and about the data (in the case of PUT)


The profile defines characteristics of the client software and the person who runs it. The syntax is PROFILE [KEY=String] *ProfileElement See also ProfileElements and string .

The key attribute is optional. It is the key returned by the server in a previous reply, indicating that the server has stored the profile and attached this key to it for future reference by the browser. If the key is present, the profile may be empty, but if it is not, then it completely replaces the former profile corresponding to the key.

[JFG] Profile keys for frequently accessed servers could also be stored at the browser's location in the user's account to save on connection time. In that case, there should be some way for the server to determine whether the key is still valid, based on time, or when the server increases its functionality e.g. by supporting a new data type.

Complete example:

GET "" HTRQ/1 PROFILE KEY="akhkygy" AUTH WHO="Bloggs" PWD="12345" CLIENT ID="Smith" HOST="www2" EMAIL="" ORG="DuPont" PUBKEY KEY="6246246378098996127" FORMAT NAME="rtfMac" PENALTY="500,120,33" NAME="EPS" PENALTY="100,50,0" NAME="HTML" PENALTY="1,1,1" SOFTWARE PLATFORM="NeXTUnix" PROGRAM="WWW" VERSION="3.0/1"



the time stamp put on by the server at the time it fetched the data from its store.


the format in which the document is being returned
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