The W.A.I.S. - WWW gateway

This is an example of a WWW server and a WAIS client. It uses the common WWW daemon sources and also has one extra file, WAISGate.c The command line syntax is the same as for the normal W3 daemon, except that a rule file is not used. (No -r or -R options).

See a summary of some data available through the gateway .

WSRC files

The gateway keeps a cache of WAIS "source" files. These are files

describing WAIS servers. They are normally picked up automatically by searching a "directory of servers" index. Once the gateway has picked up a desciption of a server, it uses the description to describe the server to those who follow links to it.

These source files are converted into hypertext, and are kept in the directory /usr/local/lib/WAIS under the server name, port, and database name.

To add an extra source file to this cache by hand, feed it as standard input to the ParseWSRC program.


Tim BL