Gateway to VMS Help: Internals

These are technical and installation notes about the gateway to VMS Help . Please send bug reports and suggestions to Jean-Francois Groff (


The program consists of the generic daemon HTDaemon.c , and a special function, stored in VMSHelpGate.c , to retrieve VMS Help data and convert it to HTML.


The files you need are as follows. You should customise them, putting in your own directory names.:
Runs the server as a detached process. Put a call to this from your sys$startup procedure, wherever that is. This detaches a job to use ans input, and a log file as output.
The server command file, a wrapper for the actual server executable. In this file, set the temporary directory for the storage of a cache of .HLP files. This file runs the executable.
Here is just an example of a file to build and test the server.
This is an MMS file to build the executable. If you don't have MMS, you may be able to figure out from loking at it which commands you should use. You can find a machine running MMS and generate the equivalent .com files. See comments at the top of this file on how to run it.
The source files and executable .EXE are currently (October 92) available on HEP decnet in vxcrna::disk$d1:[jfg.www...]. Note also you can pick up the master sources from dxcern:: automatically by running


If you are not in HEP decnet, you should find the sources in the WWWDaemon_v.vv.tar.Z file in the distribution. See the README file.