WWW Daemon user guide

The http daemon, httpd , is a general server program which runs a w3 protocol, " HTTP ".

More Information

How to get the code.
How to compile the daemon for your system.
How to install a server under unix internet daemon
Command line options at run time
Rule File
The format of a rule file. By default, /etc/httpd.conf
If it doesn't seem to work
Known bugs
and improvements desired
change list of improvements made and bug fixes.


During the test phase of the WWW project, the port number to which the daemon listens was 2784. W3 has officially allocated port number 80. Servers should use port 80 and advertise their address with the explicit port number (i.e. http://host:80/etc...). Details of the final changeover plan will be advertised on the www-announce mailing list .

Background: The W3 project , Other servers .


Tim BL