Coding Standards (Christopher Lott) 5 Aug 91 03:36:54 GMT University of Maryland Dept of Computer Science Newsgroups: comp.archives In article <blah> (Asim Jalis) writes: >Is there a book out there that gives clues and >hints on how to organize large projects in C.... I'm not certain whether Mr Jalis wants process guidance or a C-code style guide. I can offer only the latter: many C style guides free for the taking. They're available via anonymous ftp from in the pub/style-guide subdirectory. These documents use either troff or latex formatters,and they're biased towards a unix environment. The happy friendly nameserver tells me the following: has address For those without ftp access, uh, I can be a mail server. Email is easy and free (for me). Hardcopy is slow and will cost you hard currency. chris... -- Christopher Lott \/ Dept of Comp Sci, Univ of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742 /\ 4122 AV Williams Bldg 301 405-2721 <standard disclaimers>