WWW Software products

W3 Software

This is a list of products related to the WWW project with a link to a status summary of each one. For list of previous milestones, releases, etc, see the "Features" list for each product, linked to the wish lists. See also: getting the files .
Common Library
The common code library is the basis for most browers. It contains the network access code and format handling.


Line Mode Browser
This program gives W3 readership to anyone with a dumb terminal. Not as flashy as a windows implementation, it covers a wide class of users who do still not have window facilities, and is a general purpose information retrieval tool.
Curses Browser
Assumes a character-grid terminal with cursor addressing, and provides a full-screen interface to the web.
Macintosh Browser
WWW browser for the Macintosh. (Pre-alpha.)
WWW browser for X/Motif. (Unsupported).
"ViolaWWW" Browser for X11
WWW browser for X11.
tkWWW Browser
WWW browser for X11.
MidasWWW Browser
WWW browser for X/Motif.
Browser-Editor on the NeXT
A browser/editor for NeXTStep. Allows wysiwyg hypertext editing.
Browser on CERNVM
A W3 browser for VM. Nonexistant.
Tom Fine's Browser
A tty-based browser written in perl. (Beta)


VM server
A server for VM mainframes.
Generic server
A server for unix and VMS systems. A fast file server suitbale on-line documentation, and adaptable to many needs.
VMS/Help gateway
Run son a VMS machine and allows webc lient eveywhere to read local VMS/Help files.
Mail Robot
A server which will returns documents by mail, given a request sent by mail. Also manages mailing lists.