Using the WAY Name Server RPC implementations for Unix, OS9, MSDOS/TurboC, and VMS over TCP allow the WAY ("Where Are You") name server to be used. This allows clients to find servers automatically at run time. To use an existing WAY server, all you have to do is know it's address. To run your own WAY server, see the WAY manual There are two environment variables (logical names) which are looked up to control the use of WAY. To allow clients to interrogate WAY, just define way_request as the RPC address of the name server. To cause servers to automatically register themselves with WAY, just define way_register as the RPC address of the name server. In the following example script file, both request and registration are enabled, using a name server we imagine is running on port 5678 on node priam. The server is started to use any free TCP port. It registers itself automatically when it runs. The serevr is forked off as a seperate process, then the client is run. The client picks up the actual port number from the name server when it runs. setenv way_request 'way@priam:5678.tcp' setenv way_register 'way@priam:5678.tcp' setenv RPC_CLIENT_NAME '*.tcp' my_server & my_client WAY provides many other facilities, for example the use of an initial WAY database. these are descibed in .