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ACTION-44 (edit) open Produce a new draft of compositing which should probably called CSS Compositing with appendices on how compositing works in css, html box model and svg model. Vincent Hardy 2011-08-02
ACTION-52 (edit) open Work with heycam dino smfr to work on the new spec for CSS Transforms. Vincent Hardy 2011-08-03
ACTION-54 (edit) open Look into implementability of blend modes Vincent Hardy 2011-11-10
ACTION-57 (edit) open Make clear in the merged transforms spec that it hasn't yet replaced the separate specs Vincent Hardy 2011-11-10
ACTION-59 (edit) open Add CSS Shaders to the Filter Effects spec and ready it for publishing. Vincent Hardy 2011-11-10
ACTION-60 (edit) open Get security experts to talk with the FX group about CSS Shaders security issues Vincent Hardy 2011-11-10
ACTION-62 (edit) open Add an issue for parameter passing into markup filters Vincent Hardy 2011-11-10
ACTION-67 (edit) open Edit the CSS 3D spec to point to the merged spec Vincent Hardy 2012-01-30
ACTION-71 (edit) open Ask MikeSmith to make sure all the editors are on the default CC list for our component Vincent Hardy 2012-02-28
ACTION-74 (edit) open Address editorial issues raised by Dirk Vincent Hardy 2012-05-01 Filter Effects 1.0

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