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ACTION-15 (edit) open Summarize the options for CSS applying to the SVG root before the next telecon Doug Schepers 2010-10-04
ACTION-16 (edit) open Draw up a pointer-events spec Doug Schepers 2010-10-04
ACTION-24 (edit) open Get an HG repo set up for FX Doug Schepers 2011-02-07
ACTION-36 (edit) open Integrate Hixie's proposal on hit testing and define hit-testing in CSS 3 UI and coordinate with Doug for harmonizing with SVG. Doug Schepers 2011-08-02
ACTION-37 (edit) open And dbaron to reach out to web security experts and get an opinion on whether or not we should address security concerns on the hit testing algorithm. Coordinate with Tantek for the CSS 3 UI spec. Doug Schepers 2011-08-02
ACTION-39 (edit) open Propose that opacity of a pixel does not affect its pointer-event behavior for CSS 3 UI. Doug Schepers 2011-08-02
ACTION-40 (edit) open Write up proposal for opacity threshold for pointer-events for CSS 4 UI Doug Schepers 2011-08-02
ACTION-41 (edit) open Propose wording for CSS 3 UI about how masks and clip-paths impact hit-testing. Doug Schepers 2011-08-02
ACTION-50 (edit) open Propose a couple of diff syntax and submit them for wider review and see what people think about them and ping csswg Doug Schepers 2011-08-02

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