SVG Fonts Inheritance

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There was some discussion about properties being inherited from the text using an SVG font into the font glyph SVG data, and that causing undesirable problems (the spec itself notes this). To aid discussion, here are a list of the most interesting properties that would be inherited by default (this ignores 'font' and other text related properties):

  • fill
  • fill-rule
  • fill-opacity
  • stroke
  • stroke-width
  • stroke-linecap
  • stroke-linejoin
  • stroke-miterlimit
  • stroke-dasharray
  • stroke-dashoffset
  • stroke-opacity
  • visibility
  • marker, marker-start, marker-mid, marker-end
  • color-interpolation
  • color-interpolation-filters
  • color-rendering
  • shape-rendering
  • text-rendering
  • image-rendering
  • color
  • color-profile
  • clip-rule