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ISSUE-2233 (edit)
RAISED adopt the syntax for CSS Transforms 2009-03-18 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2234 (edit)
RAISED Consider merging SVG Transforms and CSS Transforms specs 2009-03-18 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2235 (edit)
RAISED Consider using 4x4 matrices over 3x3 2009-03-18 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2236 (edit)
RAISED Resolve Painter's Model with respect to 3d rendering, z-index 2009-03-18 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2241 (edit)
RAISED 1. Introduction - More explanations about the used coordinate system 2009-03-22 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2243 (edit)
'transform-origin' property
RAISED 2.1. The 'transform-origin' property 2009-03-22 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2244 (edit)
'perspective' property
RAISED 2.2. The 'perspective' property 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2245 (edit)
TransformList Extensions incompatible
RAISED 3. TransformList Extensions 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2246 (edit)
animatable type matrix
RAISED 4. 'animateTransform' Extensions - consider the type matrix to be animatable 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2247 (edit)
4x4 to a 3x3 matrix minor fixes
RAISED 5. Converting a 4x4 to a 3x3 matrix - Minor fixes 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2248 (edit)
Scale on a 2D object
RAISED 3. TransformList Extensions - Scale on a 2D object 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2249 (edit)
Rotation graphical example required
RAISED 3. TransformList Extensions - Rotation graphical example required 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2250 (edit)
Converting a 4x4 to a 3x3 matrix typo
RAISED 5. Converting a 4x4 to a 3x3 matrix - Typo 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0
ISSUE-2251 (edit)
General conceptual feedback
RAISED General conceptual feedback 2009-03-23 Module: Transforms 0

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