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There are 5 open and raised issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2199 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Underlying transform value erratum now conflicts with 1.2T 2009-01-08 SVG Full 1.1 0
ISSUE-2317 (edit)
feGaussianBlur stdDeviation=0
PENDING REVIEW Give different result for feGaussianBlur stdDeviation=0 2010-04-02 SVG Full 1.1 0
ISSUE-2369 (edit)
CSS3+SMIL inherit
RAISED Define CSS3+SMIL behaviour for 'inherit' 2010-09-06 SVG Full 1.1 0
ISSUE-2398 (edit) RAISED Investigate requirements for CSS pseudoclasses (e.g :target) 2011-01-18 SVG Full 1.1 0
ISSUE-2429 (edit) RAISED Errors in element/attribute lists. 2011-12-01 SVG Full 1.1 0

Open Actions

There are 9 open and pending review actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-2077 (edit) open Test implementations for percentage values in clipPath, etc. Erik Dahlström 2008-07-03 percentage-objectbbox
ACTION-2461 (edit) open Suggest some rewritten text for these suspend methods Jonathan Watt 2009-02-23 redraw-method-issues
ACTION-2477 (edit) open Propose a solution for ISSUE-2071, referring to external resources and how that affects security (\"tainting\" an svg) and how that might apply to methods like elementFromPoint Doug Schepers 2009-02-26 filter security
ACTION-2590 (edit) open Ensure javadocs get published when 1.1F2 is published Cameron McCormack 2009-06-09 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2676 (edit) open Fix the 1.1 second edition wording for values that are accessed where no attribute was provided, and have it be NaN or 0 with unknown unit depending on the type of domobject Erik Dahlström 2009-10-06 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2747 (edit) open Contact the participants of the SVG WG and communicate that we need to concrete progress on 1.1 2nd edition and 2.0. This reqiures active participation in the list and telecon Erik Dahlström 2010-04-05 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2762 (edit) open Write a test for ISSUE-2305 Chris Lilley 2010-04-19 ISSUE-2305
ACTION-2784 (edit) open Create Test Case for Animating SVGFragmentIdentifier Erik Dahlström 2010-05-17 SVG Full 1.1
ACTION-2882 (edit) open Propose wording or a test case for what the colour space should be for feDisplacementMap Erik Dahlström 2010-10-19 SVG Full 1.1

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