Test name:painting-marker-02-f
raster of painting-marker-02-f

Tests the rendering of markers, specifically property inheritance. For the four tests, there should be two identical paths with markers drawn. The path on the left is rendered using the marker elements. The path on the right is rendered using the equivalent SVG, showing what the marked path should look like.

The top two tests examine the rendering of markers when the marker and the path referencing it share the same parent and all painting properties are specfied on that parent. The first test show inheritance of the 'fill' property and the second the inheritance of the 'paint' property. In both tests, the marker is painting using the same properties as the referencing object. Because of scaling transformations on the marker, the stroke on the second test is thinner than on the referencing object.

The third and fourth tests examine the rendering of markers in a situation where the marker and referencing path do NOT share the same parent and painting properties are specified both on the parent of the marked path and on the contents of the marker itself. In both cases, the marker's parent specifies fill="green" stroke="blue" stroke-width="8". For the third test, the marker contents override with stroke="black". For the fourth test, the marker contents override with fill="black". In neither case should you see fill="red" or stroke="blue" or "stroke="purple" on the markers as these properties are specified on the ancestor of the referencing object or the refernencing object itself and thus shouldn't affect the marker.