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Please can the main navigation include current links such as:

Communication nb this much detail should not be on the homepage:


Members should link to list of IG members, not WG members, which is private and hence irrelevant to this group, which is public.


Please could the titles link directly to the page of content? it is also simpler and easier if navigation is consistent ie dont use title Work and then name page Activities

Work has been edited to reflect this concept.


"here" is NOT a suitable word for a link. It tells the user nothing...

many users search through the links on a page, not the content, links need to be keywords with relevance to the linked content.

Jonathan- the point of a wiki is that anyone with editing privileges can refine the wiki. Rather than ask others to do the work, please simply do it yourself, after exercising due consideration on why others might have organized it the way it is. Also, please use the semantics available to this wiki when making edits (the above list should be a bulleted list, not merely a set of paragraphs), and when correcting links not to use "here", please make sure you use grammatically correct language, or the correction does more harm than good. --Schepers 15:30, 22 June 2008 (EDT)