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Participants and Interests

The W3C database has a complete and up-to-date list of SVG IG participants, but this page provides an opportunity for each person to explain a bit more about their particular interests or activities in the SVG Interest Group.

Jeff Schiller

Invited Expert

SVG IG Chair


  • seeing the Open Web Stack continue to strengthen and evolve. Rich, interactive graphics that are also interoperable have been missing on the open web until now. We're at a point today where 3 out of the 4 major browser engines can do a large percentage of the effects that Flash can do and this is continuing to improve.
  • I want to see the toolset expand for hobbyist web developers so that anyone can make flashy web pages without knowing the details of the SVG path commands, construct key-spline animations by hand or hand-code filters - and i want the tools to produce non-bloated SVG
  • I also want to work on more widespread usage of SVG (for instance, involving search engines in indexing SVG content semantically) and improve the accessibility of SVG

Doug Schepers


Chair, Team Contact, SVG WG Member

Interests: community outreach, semantics ("smart graphics"), accessibility, design

Michael Curtes

Public Invited expert

Erik Dahlström

Opera Software

SVG WG Member

David Dailey

Slippery Rock University

Public Invited expert

Interests: Have used SVG for instruction in interface design and for art. I'm interested in working toward a set of canonical examples and in seeing the SVG spec grow both in its adoption and expressiveness.

Dominic DePasquale

Penn State University

Public Invited expert

Hoping to someday see SVG be the definitive method to define dynamic graphics in web pages. Also, enjoy seeing what unique ways artists are using it.

Donald Doherty

Brainstage Research, Inc.

David Duce

Oxford Brookes University

Bob Hopgood

Oxford Brookes University

Chris Lilley


SVG WG Member

Robert Longson

Public Invited expert

Contributor to Mozilla SVG Project

Charles McCathieNevile

Opera Software

Cameron McCormack

W3C Invited Expert

SVG WG Member

Andreas Neumann

City of Uster, Switzerland, GIS manager

Uses SVG mainly for mapping, charting, reporting (GIS and webmapping)

Organizer of the first SVG Open conference

David Porter

The Boeing Company

Bruce Rindahl

Public Invited expert

Leonard Rice Engineers

My work has been in using SVG for web-based GIS mapping. I am interested in contributing to best practices especially where the coordinates are large as in GIS. I am also interested in extending the SVG spec with cartography symbology.

Leonard Rosenthol

Adobe Systems Inc.

SVG WG Member

Robert Russell

Public Invited expert

Ruud Steltenpool

Public Invited expert


  • marketing SVG (5 years of experience), showing examples
  • get rid of annoying (little?) 'pain points' of implementations, specifications, content, tools and communication.
  • model-based visualisation (XBL, maybe others)

David Storey

Opera Software ASA


  • Promoting adoption of SVG into a regular designer’s standards toolkit (the fourth leg of the stool)
  • Promotion of SVG on sites and in places that regular, none-converted developers hang out
  • Beginner level, designer focused education on SVG (including sexy examples)
  • Better designer/developer tools for animated SVG/SMIL (SVG as a Flash/Silverlight killer)
  • Better integration between (X)HTML and SVG, preserving seperation of concerns
  • High quality resource for code reuse (SVG components that can be reused)
  • Possibly create the of the SVG world ( is a site I'm involved with)
  • IE adoption of SVG

Manuel Strehl

Public Invited expert

Interests (partially):

  • Using SVG in scientific workflow
  • SVG powered web sites

Christophe Strobbe

Public Invited expert

G. Wade Johnson

Public Invited Expert

Interests (SVG-related):

  • Generating SVG programmatically
  • Scripting SVG
  • SVG applications

Helder Magalhães

Public Invited Expert

Interests (SVG-related):

  • Interoperability
  • SVG in IE
  • SVG for RIA
  • SVG for GUI

More Details

To join the SVG IG, simply apply for a W3C account (if you don't already have one) and fill out the application form.

W3C Members can see the Member database for more details on the current participants.