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  • Development site running Drupal 6.6 at
  • Anyone can register and are then able to see and create content.
  • Site currently blocks all robots (crawlers like Google & Yahoo) in robots.txt.


  • Current plan is to go with FeedAPI as the aggregator module in Drupal
  • Using Drupal built-in Forum module
    • currently have two forums: 'General' and 'Best Practices'
  • Drupal Blog module allows all users to create their own blogs on the site
  • Created two books with the Drupal Book module for a library of scripts and a library of images as books
  • Added Diff module to help see changes between revisions of nodes (like Pages or Book Pages)
  • When including code in content, use the tag <code type="xml"> to get syntax highlighting (this is the geshi filter, many other languages work too)
  • Flexifilter module handles wiki markup for now but there seem to be issues with it, there's another module that uses a PEAR library for wiki markup that we can try next. The Wikitools module handles gives other wiki features to Page and Book Page content types (like node creation when visiting a node that doesn't yet exist).
  • OpenID enabled. UI is not great but it seems to work. There are some other modules to assist with this or we can tweak the code if someone knows enough about OpenID.
  • Miscellaneous Drupal modules enabled:
    • User profiles, Tracker (to show recent posts), Sitewide search
  • Other core modules we may want to use include Ping, Throttle, Captchas, Contact forms, Path (for clean/pretty urls),
  • Other contrib modules we may want to use include XML Content (in development), and Ezmlm (or similar) for mailing list integration.


  • Several themes are on the site. Users can change their theme from My Account >> Edit to try out the installed themes and get some ideas of what might be a good look for the site. A couple of the themes, Framework and Zen, are meant to be used for creating new themes. It's very easy to make a copy and set up anyone that's interested in theming with FTP access so they experiment without impacting anyone else.

Other Community Sites

Currently there are several different community sites, but no clear leader:

Key Components

We would like to coordinate with as many websites as possible into building one great community website focused on all things SVG. We are looking for the following key components of the site:

  • A wiki to centralize knowledge base ( is a good start) (*)
  • SVG-related news articles from across the web (administrators of the site can flag interesting stories, blog posts, etc and the contnet is automatically syndicated)
  • forum
  • reviews of authoring tools and editors (both code-based and WYSIWYG) for SVG alone and in conjunction with HTML, XHTML, AJAX, XSLT, etc.
  • collections of links to existing materials offsite
  • facility to post on-site articles (best practices for using SVG on the web (*))
  • site blog
  • master feed for all major activity on the site
  • mailing list?
  • challenges and contests, e.g.:
   challenge = rainbows and doughnuts [1] (See response .)
   challenge = "i can do that in SVG" challenge [2]
   contest = Log rolling contest [3]
  • library
    • images
    • scripts (*)

--Note: these(*) might borrow liberally from examples in makes sense as well.


Structure of Site

Major content sections of the website:

  • Syndicated news items (from across the web)
  • Articles
    • Tutorials
    • Announcements
  • Forums
  • Blog posts
  • Gallery
    • Demos
    • Images
    • Scripts

News Items

  • news items are aggregated from other sites and placed in a moderation queue of sorts
  • someone will have to review the queue periodically to publish items to the site (this could optionally include adding intro text)
  • items clearly link back to their source
  • Ruud Steltenpool, Robin Berjon and Jeff Schiller have volunteered to administer news items (publishing to front page)

Available Feeds

  • some sample feeds are on the site right now
  • What feeds do we want to have available?
  • Jeff:
    • News feed (only published news items) Feed Link
    • Tutorials/Articles Feed
    • New Topics (latest new topics in forum, ignores replies/comments) Feed Link
    • Per-Forum Feed (latest posts/replies/comments in forum topics)
    • Site-wide Comment Feed Feed Link
    • Gallery Feed (latest entries to the SVG gallery, once it is available)
    • Global Feed (aggregation of all of the above)

Old Feeds

<opml version="1.1"> − <head> <title>Planet SVG</title> <dateModified>Fri, 17 Apr 2009 03:40:45 +0000</dateModified> </head> − <body> <outline text="Bloglines Search: "SVG"" xmlUrl=""/> <outline text="svg - Google Blog Search" xmlUrl=""/> <outline text="Technorati Search for: SVG" xmlUrl=""/> <outline text="World Wide Web Consortium - Web Standards" xmlUrl=""/> </body> </opml>


  • These can be created using the Story content type. Go to Create Content > Story
  • Need a policy for URL structure, this can just be something like
  • Need a policy on who creates stories (user permissions and roles) and when
  • Once we start creating articles, there should be a minimum publishing frequency (like once a month)


  • Forums are live
  • may need policies for captchas to prevent spam
  • need to run some content in them to decide whether to use threading and other features or not


Front Page

  • Logo
  • Feed links
  • Navigation to content sections
  • list of N latest (or most active) items from each of the above content sections

About Page

We can use this section of the wiki page to work out the verbage of the "About" page that will describe what the site is about and provide an introduction to new users.

... tbd ...

Design Graphical Guides

Mailing List Discussions

Current List of Action Items

  • Who can help administrate?
  • Determine feed set up
  • Determine forums set up
    • What kinds of forums do we actually want? Perhaps a small set to start then adding as interest demands?
  • Determine wiki set up
  • Determine blog set up
    • Who will be posting to the blog on the site, do we want everyone to blog or just a single blog for the site?