Problems to Solve

Version number communication

I would like the version number to be communicated at the start of every request and every reply. [The communication is forseen for te request. Putting it in the reply would have to mean "I realise your request is v4 but I am doing my best to interpret it as a v2 request". An alternative is to reply "Sorry, please rephrase your request in V2 HTTP" -TBL]

Upgrade requests

A browser or server that uses an out of date version of HTTP will notice this when communicating with ones that use newer versions. A request to upgrade can be sent automatically to the user. These requests must not disturb the user, so there must be an option to save them on a file or to silence them, once they have been noted. [Or maybe just reduce them to once a week :-) ]

More flexible arguments

Arguments eg. to GET should be quoted, so that spaces and quotes in them are allowed. This may be especially useful for lists of keywords, which may evolve into lists of commands etc. [Whatever delimiter we use must be escaped. Currently, spaces are converted into + signs, which in turn have to be escaped. The escaping function should be general thoughout W3 as it is needed whenever we convert between different ranges of allowed character sets. Beware of getting into a mess with this a la VMS. You have to know exactly when something is officially escaped and when it is not, so that you can reverse any mapping, quoting, escaping, the right number of times!] Quotes around strings and doubling quotes to signify embedded ones seems to be perfectly reversible.