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XML-DSig '99 - Frequently Asked Questions

Are joint position papers involving two or more companies acceptable?
Are position papers by W3C working groups acceptable?
This is welcome but as an addition: in this case, even few lines with your particular company needs (if any) and a reference to the wg position are fine.
What equipment will be available for presentations?
There will be a projector for connection to your PC, and of course also an overhead projector for normal transparencies. Assuming there are no technical difficulties, you can use the Chair's (reagle@w3.org) laptop (Compaq Armada 4120 Running NT4, IE5.0, NS4.5, and PowerPoint) with a 28.8k modem connection to the Internet. But to be safe, please send presentation materials beforehand and/or bring them on a floppy if possible.)
Will the proceedings of the workshop be publicly available on the web?
Yes, they will be published on the web by W3C.
Is everything in XML-DSIG'99 public?
Yes. Eventual minutes and reports from the discussions, as well as a final document summarizing the outcome of the workshop and the suggested future actions, will be made public.
I have a technical question that I'd like to discuss with other interested people, what should I do?
Send the email to the W3C signed-XML mailing list, w3c-xml-sig-ws@w3.org.
I have a general question on the workshop, who do I have to contact?
The chair (reagle@w3.org). Don't write directly to w3c-xml-sig-ws@w3.org as not everyone might not be interested in getting dozens of email with the questions of other people. If it's something relevant to everybody, I'll repost the relevant information on the mailing list, and possibly put it in the FAQ.
I have a question concerning my registration, who do I have to contact?
Susan Hardy (susan@w3.org).
I want to give a presentation of my position paper, who do I have to contact?
The chair (reagle@w3.org).
I can't make it for the two days of the workshop. Can I come one day only?
Yes, the registration page allows you to register for one day only, at your choice.
I registered myself using the XML-DSIG'99 registration form. How can I be sure everyhting is ok?
If your registration has been successfully processed, you should have received a final confirmation email with your registration. Few days after that, your name should also appear in the XML-DSIG'99 participants list.
I want to change my registration information, is it possible?
Yes, the registration page allows you also to change your data, just reuse your validation code.
Does the registration include the hotel registration?
No, you have to take care of the hotel registration separately. Look at the call for participation for a list of available hotels.
Is the XML-DSIG'99 mailing list moderated?
Generally no, though I will maintain it as a useful and informative list. See the mailing list page for details.
Will the mailing list stay after the workshop?
Uncertain: the mailing list is for public discussion on signed-XML, not only for the workshop management. However, it may be deprecated in the future.
Is it cold or raining in Boston?

If you can't find what you want here, try to have a look at the call for participation

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