Supporters Program Policies

W3C appreciates donations from the community to help its operations. Supporters are listed here. Become a W3C Supporter to be listed here. You may also make a smaller donation of less than a value of 100 USD using paypal or other means, but there is no associated acknowledgment on the W3C Web site or corresponding Supporter logo.


W3C acknowledges W3C Supporters as follows:

  • Premier Supporters: Supporter logo, which links to Supporter Web site; Supporter product name, which links to Supporter product Web site.
  • Major Supporters: Supporter name, which links to Supporter Web site; Supporter product name.
  • Contributing Supporters: Supporter name, type of contribution (financial, goods).

W3C Supporters are acknowledged on the W3C Supporters page starting with receipt by W3C of the contribution. W3C acknowledges each contribution via electronic mail upon receipt of the contribution. Acknowledgment is for one year and is renewable. On an exceptional basis, W3C may authorize multiple-year contributions.

W3C Supporters may use the following logos, depending on their level of support:

W3C Supporter logos may be used in any medium. When used in hypertext (such as in a Web page or SVG document), the logo must link back to the W3C Supporters page using the URI <http://www.w3.org/Consortium/sup>. The logo source may be copied to the Supporter's preferred Web server, but the logo may not be changed in any way (e.g., resized or colors changed).


W3C is hosted by these institutions: MIT (a 501c3 educational institution), ERCIM and Keio University, and Beihang University. By default, agreements referencing this policy ("Agreements" below) are bound to ERCIM. Donations to W3C are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

W3C reserves the right to reject contributions. Links to Web sites with content deemed objectionable by W3C may be refused. After acknowledgment, W3C reserves the right to cease acknowledgment at any time. In general, W3C will only do so when the content published by the Supporter at the linked site becomes objectionable. In a case where W3C ceases to acknowledge a Supporter prior to the term of the agreement, the donation will not be refunded. The order of listing of Supporters is at W3C's discretion.

This program consists solely of acknowledgment of contributions on the W3C Supporters page and use of the appropriate logos by W3C Supporters. The W3C Supporters Program policy provides licenses to use name and brands of W3C only for the scope of this program. Please contact W3C if you have questions about W3C logo usage policies; contact information is available on that page.

Supporters whose logos appear on the W3C Web site grant W3C worldwide royalty-free permission to use the logo provided by the W3C Supporter in order to fulfill obligations resulting from this policy.

W3C reserves the right to change the Supporter Program at any time (for example to redefine levels or the duration of acknowledgment) for new Supporters. Program changes do not affect existing agreements.

Agreements shall not be assignable by either the W3C Supporter or W3C without the prior consent between the two parties. Any attempted assignment is void.

Neither the Supporter nor W3C shall be liable for the acts of the other in carrying out Agreements and, specifically, but not by way of limitation, neither party shall be responsible for the legal, financial or any other obligation entered into by the other in performing Agreements.

The validity and interpretation of Agreements and the legal relationship of the parties to it shall be governed by French Law. The place of trial is Nice (France). In case of dispute, mediation is preferred by both the Supporter and W3C. As mediator, they choose the W3C Advisory Board.