• 2015 -06-18 ( 18 JUN )

    The convergence of EPUB and the Web

    by Ivan Herman , in cooperation with the Germany and Austria Office

    Buchtage Berlin 2015

    Berlin, Germany

    Relevant technology area: Web Design and Applications .

    The vision for EPUB+WEB, put forward by experts of IDPF and W3C, is that portable documents become fully native citizens of the Open Web Platform. In this vision, the current format- and workflow-level separation between offline/portable (EPUB) and online (Web) document publishing is diminished to zero. These are merely two dynamic manifestations of the same publication: content authored with online use as the primary mode can easily be saved by the user for offline reading in portable document form. Publishers can choose to utilize either or both of these publishing modes, and users can choose either or both of these consumption modes. Essential features flow seamlessly between online and offline modes; examples include cross-references, user annotations, access to online databases, as well as licensing and rights management. This presentation gives a higher level overview of this overall vision.



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