Germany and Austria

  • 2017-02-21 (21 FEB)

    Artificial Intelligence and the World Wide Web: Developing Technologies for Billions of Users and Trillions of Devices

    Berlin, Germany

    Hosted by Telefonica Basecamp, DFKI GmbH and the W3C German/Austrian Office

    The event, jointly organised by Telefonica, DFKI GmbH and the German/Austrian Office of the World Wide Web Consortium, and held at 18:00-20:00, will take a look at the Web of the Future, especially focusing upon the influence of recent breakthroughs in AI on the web (and vice versa).

    After an overview of current developments and trends, given by Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster, CEO of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence and one of the “fathers” of Industrie 4.0, the CEO of W3C, Dr. Jeff Jaffe will present the current topics and verticals, in which and for which W3C is currently developing standards.

    Afterwards, Jeff Jaffe will discuss with members of the W3C Advisory Board their engagement and activities in W3C: why are members active in W3C? What are the key benefits and main challenges? Who is determining the future of the World Wide Web and how can we make sure that its development is fair and just?

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