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22 Aug 2005

Ivan Herman, W3C


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Table of Contents:

  1. CC/PP
  2. Basic Scenario
  3. Specific usage example
  4. CC/PP is an RDF Application
  5. CC/PP Architecture
  6. Components and Properties Example
  7. Some More Details
  8. Defaults
  9. Modified (HTTP) Scenario: Defaults
  10. Current Position
  11. Exisiting Vocabularies
  12. Implementations


Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles

Basic Scenario

Basic scenario for CC/PP usage: request and an adapted answer

Specific usage example

Same content transformed to various output types

CC/PP is an RDF Application

Image of an RDF triplet as a graph

CC/PP Architecture

Components and Properties Example

Full example of a client profile (from the spec)

Some More Details


Full client profile example, with one part replaced by a default branch

Modified (HTTP) Scenario: Defaults

request generating a search in profile and sending back adapted data

Current Position

Exisiting Vocabularies