E W H C I  '94
            The 1994 East-West International Conference on
                      Human-Computer Interaction

                   St. Petersburg or Moscow, Russia
                (Location to be determined in October)

                           2-6 August, 1994


Participation is invited for the fourth annual conference devoted to
the interchange of work and ideas in the area of Human-Computer
Interaction between researchers in the former Soviet Union and those
in the rest of the world.  The conference will bring together
researchers and practitioners involved in the theory, development,
deployment, and analysis of interactive, computer-based systems.

The 1994 conference will provide a mix of innovative technical
sessions and cultural events to promote the understanding and
development of human-computer interaction research world-wide.  In
addition to traditional paper presentations, the conference will
include extended poster presentations, demonstrations, small group
discussions, and cooperatively produced summaries of research areas.

The 1993 conference had approximately 100 attendees from Europe, North
America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the former
Soviet Union.  Sponsors included ACM SIGCHI, The Moscow Chapter of ACM
SIGCHI, The International Centre for Scientific and Technical
Information (ICSTI), Apple Computer, Inc. (USA), the Russian computer
newspapers _SoftMarket_ and _Human & Computer_, the Computer & People
Company (Russia) and Prod-Mac (Russia).  Even broader attendance and
support are expected in 1994.


Original papers, state-of the-art reports, demonstrations, tutorials,
and video tapes are invited in every area of human-computer
interaction, including:

human factors and ergonomics
formal methods, modeling, and simulation
design methodologies and techniques
object-oriented languages, systems, and perspectives
knowledge-based and expert systems and interfaces
hypertext and multi-media
networking and computer-mediated human communication
architectures for interactive systems
user testing practices and empirical studies
user interface standardization, both corporate and industrial
user interface tools and development environments
psychology of programming

Of particular interest are those areas that encourage collaboration
between researchers inside and outside of the former Soviet Union,

= Multi-cultural Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction: The
international composition of participants in this conference makes it
a particularly fertile area for research into culture-specific
requirements for human-computer interaction.  A mechanism is in place
to allow the exchange of surveys or other empirical research
instruments between researchers outside of the former Soviet Union and
researchers within the former Soviet Union.  RESEARCHERS WISHING
FORMER SOVIET UNION should submit a short description of their
research and copies of their materials by 31 October 1993.

= Activity Theory:  Of particular interest to researchers within the
former Soviet Union are projects involving representations and
analyses of the structure of work activity, particularly activities
involving computer-based systems.  These theories are being applied to
the design and development of successful interfaces by researchers

= Computer-aided Education: Another area of particular interest is
projects involving the elaboration, analysis, and evaluation of
computer-aided educational systems as part of research in
human-computer interaction.

Focus groups

In order to encourage interaction among researchers, ongoing focus
groups of approximately six participants will be scheduled throughout
the conference.  These groups will meet to discuss topics in a
particular research area and the relevance of selected papers in the
conference to that area, as well as proposals for future research.
Proposals from potential group leaders are solicited for group topics.


The working language of the conference will be English, with
translation into Russian provided when necessary.  Presenters are
encouraged to take advantage of the available interpreters to
emphasize the important points of their papers.  Interpreters will
also be available outside of technical sessions to assist with
informal discussions (interpreters for this conference are bi-lingual
computer professionals).  A proceedings of the conference will be
published.  In addition, selected papers will be published in the
Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Deadlines (materials are to arrive by):

31 October 1993   Multi-cultural exchange research materials should be
                  submitted to Brad Blumenthal (address below).
15 December 1993  Notification of intention to participate by sending
                  email to
15 January 1994   Submission of 6 copies of paper  (up to 4000 words)
                    or 6 copies of poster proposal (extended abstract
                        up to 2000 words)
                    or 6 copies describing a proposed demonstration
                        (1000 words)
                    or 6 copies describing a focus group (1000 words)
                    or 6 copies of a tutorial proposal
                    or 1 copy of a videotape (VHS) with 4 copies of a
                        1000 word abstract.
15 March 1994    Notification of acceptance.
15 May 1994      Submission of camera-ready copy for the Proceedings.


The notification of intention to participate should be e-mailed to:  For those intending to submit a paper, tutorial,
poster, demonstration or video the notification should include the format,
title and a brief outline (100 words) of the proposed submission.  Proposals
for a demonstration should include details of the equipment required.  PC
based demonstrations will be especially appropriate.  Those interested in
attending but who do not intend to submit a presentation should include a
brief statement summarizing their interests (300 words).  Submissions must
include Name, Address, Telephone number, Fax number and e-mail address.

For those outside of the former Soviet Union, papers, poster
proposals, demonstration proposals, focus group descriptions, tutorial
proposals, and videotapes must be sent in hardcopy to:

Claus Unger
Praktische Informatik II
Feithstr. 140
D-58084 Hagen

Those researchers wishing access to subjects in other countries should
submit a description of their research and sample copies of their
research materials (surveys, etc.) by 31 October 1993 by postal mail
or electronic mail to:

Brad Blumenthal
851 South Morgan (SEO 1120)
Dept. of EECS (M/C 154)
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL  60607

Once cooperating researchers are found, information will be provided
on where to send sufficient copies of the research materials.

All submissions from within the former Soviet Union should be sent to:

Juri Gornostaev
International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information
Russia, 125252, Moscow, ul. Kuusinena, 21-B

Additional Information:

Questions should be directed to:

Organizing Committee:

Conference Chairs: Allen Cypher, Juri Gornostaev
Technical Program Chairs: Brad Blumenthal, Alexander Giglavy, Claus Unger
Western Logistics Team: Keith Instone, Eddy Boeve, Steven Pemberton

Western Conference Planning Committee: Len Bass, Jonathan Grudin, Austin
 Henderson, Allan MacLean, Scott Overmyer, Larry Press, Blaine Price,
 Marilyn Welles

Eastern Conference Planning Committee: Vladimir Zinchenko, Elena Danilova,
 Juri Andrianov, Victor Kaptelinin, Michael Byaly, Vladimir Anashin, Irina
 Kochenova, Tatjana Ivannikova