Re: Charter, chair, and policies


> From macarthr@w3.org Tue Oct 24 12:28 PDT 1995
> The responsibilities of the chair include:
> (1) Ensuring that discussion takes place and things move forward
> according to the charter
> (2) Receiving statements of interest from people who want to join in the
> working group, and filtering them as appropriate.
> The idea is that people can join the working group if they send a statement
> of interest to the chair, and the chair decides they can join.
> In this way, participation is open to valuable interested people, without
> overly decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio of the group.
> Wayne, are you willing to do this?

Yes.  For a focused group like this, it is fairly unlikely that the
signal-to-noise ratio will get out of hand.

> I'd like to announce the existence of this working group
> on the web, and put up some general information, while keeping
> actual discussion of the group private.  For now, the only information
> I have which I consider public is the charter.  Is the home page
> Wayne has just set up public information?  Is it appropriate to point
> to this home page from the W3C web site?

The "home page" at:


needs a little more cooking.  Could we wait until Friday before

> I've been keeping an archive, but I didn't want to make it public.
> Wayne, I can make the archive available to you for the home page you've
> just set up.

If you could set up a hypermail archive, that would be wonderful!
Running a hypermail archive from behind Sun's firewall would be
too flakey to be useful.

> I'm asking that you notify me when you have something which I can
> put up on the W3C Collaboration working groups web area for public perusal;
> otherwise, I will consider this discussion confidential.

Let me commit to this Friday, that will keep the pressure on.