W3C Newsletter tidbit

 > > From: macarthr@w3.org (Karen MacArthur)
 > >   
 > >     The purpose of this working group is to:
 > >    
 > >    Assuming that links are first-class objects (which is being
 > >    discussed by the W3C Collaboration Working Group on Links),
 > >    develop an annotation protocol.

So far we havent done anything with link objects other than to note that
annotations might be built using links, but annotations are a
specialized use of links.  But it's difficult to rely on yet another
protocol that doesn't yet exist.  The annotation protocol pretty much
hides the fact that there might be link objects involved.

 > >        * define "annotation set"
 > >        * define operations on the annotation set

That much is clear to us, except we probably want to define annotation
sets on top of collections, for which we need another protocol.

 > >        * find annotation sets

We are not doing anything regarding finding annotation sets.  That
would be the province of the search protocol.