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Tracking issues with the CSS specifications.

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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Animations Dean Jackson public-css-bugzilla
Backgrounds and Borders fantasai public-css-bugzilla
Basic User Interface Tantek public-css-bugzilla
Box model Bert Bos public-css-bugzilla
Cascading and Inheritance Håkon Wium Lie public-css-bugzilla
Color Tantek HTML WG Bugzilla archive list
Color Correction L. David Baron (Mozilla) public-css-bugzilla
Compositing rcabanie public-css-bugzilla
Conditional Rules L. David Baron (Mozilla) public-css-bugzilla
Counter Styles Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
CSS Level 2 Bert Bos public-css-bugzilla
CSS Scoping Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
CSSOM Simon Pieters public-css-bugzilla
CSSOM Values Simon Pieters public-css-bugzilla
CSSOM View Simon Pieters public-css-bugzilla
Device Adaptation Rune Lillesveen public-css-bugzilla
Display Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
Exclusions Vincent Hardy public-css-bugzilla
Filter Effects Dean Jackson public-css-bugzilla
Flexbox Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
Fonts John Daggett public-css-bugzilla
Fragmentation fantasai public-css-bugzilla
General This bug has no owner yet - up for the taking public-css-bugzilla
For bugs that don't fit into any of the other components.
Generated Content fantasai public-css-bugzilla
Generated Content for Paged Media Håkon Wium Lie public-css-bugzilla
Grid Layout Alex Mogilevsky public-css-bugzilla
Hierarchies Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
Image Values and Replaced Content Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
Line Grid Koji Ishii public-css-bugzilla
Linebox L. David Baron (Mozilla) public-css-bugzilla
Lists and Counters Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
Media Queries Tantek public-css-bugzilla
Multi-column Layout Håkon Wium Lie public-css-bugzilla
Namespaces fantasai public-css-bugzilla
Paged Media Håkon Wium Lie public-css-bugzilla
Positioned Layout This bug has no owner yet - up for the taking public-css-bugzilla
Regions Vincent Hardy public-css-bugzilla
Selectors fantasai public-css-bugzilla
Shapes Alan Stearns public-css-bugzilla
Speech This bug has no owner yet - up for the taking public-css-bugzilla
Style Attributes Tantek public-css-bugzilla
Syntax Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
Template Layout Bert Bos public-css-bugzilla
Text fantasai public-css-bugzilla
Transforms Simon Fraser public-css-bugzilla
Transitions Dean Jackson public-css-bugzilla
Values and Units Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
Variables Tab Atkins Jr. public-css-bugzilla
Writing Modes fantasai public-css-bugzilla