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Backwards compatibility means deliberately repeating other people's mistakes.
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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
17433 CSS Transfor dino NEW --- Term 'accumulated 3D transformation matrix' misleading 2013-05-20
26470 CSS Transfor dschulze NEW --- Clarify behavior for gradientTransform and patternTransform 2014-07-31
14627 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Making relative animation of transforms possible 2014-01-25
16328 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Use of "containing block" does not match CSS2.1 definition 2015-05-26
17237 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- 'Module interactions' needs more information (editorial) 2013-06-17
22427 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- transform-style does not describe keywords 2013-06-23
23014 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Backface-visibility cannot be tested by only looking at m33 2015-03-31
23015 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Preserve-3d + backface visibility semantics need to be clarified 2013-09-25
25838 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Inconsistencies in naming css-transforms 2014-05-21
26588 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- transform-origin: value definition and description are inconsistent 2014-08-15
27566 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Should transform-style: preserve3d create containing block? 2014-12-11
28000 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Use UA style instead of prose to handle the exception of transform-origin for SVG 2015-02-12
28252 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Overflow clipping should not always create stacking context 2015-03-28
28385 CSS Transfor smfr NEW --- Follow current SVG behavior for transforms interaction with object bounding box units 2015-03-31
15605 CSS Transfor dino REOP --- Define how exactly to apply perspective (w-parameter) 2012-10-18
15 bugs found.


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