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Mon Apr 1 2019 16:10:16 UTC
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10 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Opened Changed
9514 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa RESO MOVE [Selection] Specify Selection.modify() 2010-04-14 2016-04-11
10583 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa ASSI --- [Selection] toString should return only the text within the selection that is visible to the user 2010-09-08 2015-04-13
13909 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa RESO FIXE Selections have three possible directions, not two 2011-08-26 2014-04-22
13952 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa RESO FIXE Specify selection change events 2011-08-29 2014-09-17
13974 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa NEW --- Allow Selections to be cloned, saved, etc. 2011-08-30 2014-04-21
15470 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa REOP --- Changing the selection creates a Range object 2012-01-09 2014-09-16
24083 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa RESO WONT Window.getSelection() and HTMLDocument.getSelection() should return a nullable 2013-12-13 2014-09-17
24084 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa RESO FIXE Specify Selection.containsNode 2013-12-13 2014-09-16
25831 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa RESO FIXE Specify selection.setBaseAndExtent 2014-05-20 2014-09-16
26005 WebAppsW HISTORIC rniwa RESO WORK Selection.extend behavior when there is no range needs to be clarified 2014-06-06 2014-09-16
10 bugs found.