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Mon Apr 1 2019 07:36:31 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Opened Changed
5565 SVG Styling schepers RESO FIXE SVG contains '(' in CSS block on last line. 2008-03-13 2009-05-31
5566 SVG Styling schepers NEW --- Reference PNG contains dashed lines around C3 and D3 2008-03-13 2009-06-01
6514 SVG Styling schepers RESO FIXE Stroke dasharray values in test-suite example are invalid 2009-02-02 2009-06-01
11691 SVG Styling schepers RESO WORK styling-inherit-01-t.html uses percentages in stop offsets 2011-01-07 2011-03-08
25702 SVG Styling schepers NEW --- Remove definition of text-decoration form SVG; reference CSS3 Text Decoration instead 2014-05-14 2014-05-14
28535 SVG Styling schepers NEW --- Missing definition for 'shape-rendering' property, or bad example provided 2015-04-22 2015-04-22
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