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Mon Apr 1 2019 07:33:33 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Opened Changed
4919 SVG Filter E anthony.grasso RESO FIXE Clarification about color-interpolation in feDisplacementMap 2007-08-07 2007-10-25
4933 SVG Filter E ed ASSI --- SVGFESpecularLighting missing kernelUnitLength? 2007-08-09 2009-05-06
4934 SVG Filter E ed ASSI --- feDiffuseLighting calculation does not define I(x,y) 2007-08-09 2007-10-15
4935 SVG Filter E ed ASSI --- feSpotLight's limitingConeAngle not mentioned in lighting equations 2007-08-09 2007-10-15
4936 SVG Filter E ed ASSI --- FillPaint and StrokePaint inputs for filters poorly defined for container elements 2007-08-09 2007-10-11
6261 SVG Filter E schepers NEW --- filters-gauss-01-b incorrectly handles region where rectangles overlap (or does it?) 2008-12-02 2008-12-02
6327 SVG Filter E schepers NEW --- filters-comptran-01-b reference PNG incorrect 2008-12-20 2010-10-18
11083 SVG Filter E schepers NEW --- filters-offset-02-b.svg 2010-10-18 2010-10-19
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