Edit ISSUE-323: Note should not use normative compliance keywords.





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Fixed. https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/ttml/rev/a3889aab0c75

Glenn Adams, 17 Jul 2014, 04:41:17

The edit has removed the normative conformance language however there is now a (new?) outstanding question: should processor behaviour relative to the version attribute be normative or informative. I see there's an editor's note too, to the effect that if it should be informative only the attribute should be moved to the ttm namespace. I'm not sure of which direction we should go in here - it will be for the group to resolve.

Nigel Megitt, 17 Jul 2014, 11:18:34

The original issue was fixed. The larger issue raised in your note is a subject of Issue 276.

Glenn Adams, 31 Jul 2014, 04:19:32

See Issue-276

Nigel Megitt, 31 Jul 2014, 14:55:09

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