Arena: people

Thanks to everyone who has sent us bug reports, sometimes interleaved with encouragement. A special thanks to the following people:

Kai.Arstila@Helsinki.FI, Paul De Bra (, Rolf Larsson (, Paul Traina (, Todd Masco (, Neal Becker (, Marcus Hampel ( has been compiling and supporting Arena on various platforms. Jonathan H N Chin ( lends us an account to do porting.

Walter Mueller ( did a not-so-straight port to the 64bit alpha.

Scott D. Nelson ( added support for 24bit sgi frame buffers.

Michael Van Biesbrouck ( submitted extensive bug reports and fixes.

Tony Jebson has been producing HTML3 text pages, content and bug listing. So has Rainer Klute.

Janne Saarela ( extended the math support while producing conversion tools and examples.

Ståle Schumacher (, has been debugging and extending the math support.

Dave Beckett ( has been adding support for PNG images, and submitted various other bug fixes.

Janet Boltjes ( has been working as a summer student at W3C/INRIA, and has trimmed the code while plugging memory leaks.

Noritoshi Demizu ( has contributed various fixes.

Pat Dowler ( has added two command-line options (-geometry and --).

Rask Lambertsen ( is a steady supplier of bug reports, fixes and encouragement.

Phill Hallam-Baker ( added support for jpeg and contributed to the mailcap code.

We're using zlib by Jean-loup Gailly ( and Mark Adler ( in our PNG support.

We're using libpng by Guy Eric Schalnat ( and Group 42, Inc. to decode PNG images.

We're using the Independent JPEG Group's library for decoding JPEG images.