Amaya keyboard shortcuts for Mac OSX

Amaya defines two kinds of keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X: shortcuts using standard Apple modifier keys (ex. Cmd+C to copy the selection) and shortcuts using sequences (ex. Ctrl-t Ctrl-t to create a table). As Mac OS X users are not familiar with shortcut sequences in menu entries, only standard shortcuts are shown by default. To display them, you have to select the option Display all shortcuts in the Preferences > General dialog and restart Amaya.

Standard Shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Go To home Alt Home
Start of page Cmd Home
End of page Cmd End
Start of line Home
End of line End
Scroll down Cmd Down Arrow
Scroll up Cmd Up Arrow
Open document Cmd O
Reload Cmd R
Back Alt Left Arrow
Forward Alt Right Arrow
Save Cmd S
Save as Cmd Shift S
Synchronize Cmd Y
Setup and print Cmd P
Print Cmd Shift P
Close tab Cmd W
Close window Cmd Shift W
Undo Cmd Z
Redo Cmd Shift Z
Cut Cmd X
Copy Cmd C
Paste Cmd V
Delete Delete
Find Cmd F
Nest list items Tab
Move up list items Shift Tab
Parent element F2  (or Fn F2)
First child Shift F2  (or Shift Fn F2)
Next element F4  (or Fn F4)
Previous element Shift F4   (or Shift Fn F4)
Show tools F8
Zoom in Cmd +
Zoom out Cmd -
Show map areas Shift Cmd M
Show targets Shift Cmd G
Show structure Shift Cmd R
Show source Shift Cmd U
Show links Shift Cmd L
Show alternate Shift Cmd A
Show table of contents Shift Cmd T
Split view horizontally Shift Cmd H
Split view vertically Shift Cmd V
Paragraph Cmd Shift Return
Break Cmd Return
Check spelling Cmd :

Shortcut using sequences

Command Shortcut
Map Area Ctrl h Ctrl m
Preformatted Ctrl h Ctrl p
Address Ctrl h Ctrl a
Horizontal Rule Ctrl h Ctrl h
Image Ctrl h Ctrl i
Division Ctrl h Ctrl v
Blockquote Ctrl h Ctrl q
Ruby Ctrl h Ctrl r
Comment Ctrl h Ctrl c
Heading 1 Ctrl h Ctrl 1
Heading 2 Ctrl h Ctrl 2
Heading 3 Ctrl h Ctrl 3
Heading 4 Ctrl h Ctrl 4
Heading 5 Ctrl h Ctrl 5
Heading 6 Ctrl h Ctrl 6
Bulleted List Ctrl h Ctrl l
Numbered List Ctrl h Ctrl n
Definition List Ctrl h Ctrl d
Insert a Form Ctrl o Ctrl f
Button Ctrl o Ctrl b
Checkbox Ctrl o Ctrl t
File Selector Ctrl o Ctrl u
Hidden Ctrl o Ctrl h
Image Ctrl o Ctrl m
Password Ctrl o Ctrl p
Radio Ctrl o Ctrl r
Reset Ctrl o Ctrl x
Submit Ctrl o Ctrl s
Text Ctrl o Ctrl i
Fieldset Ctrl o Ctrl c
Label Ctrl o Ctrl l
Menu Ctrl o Ctrl n
Submenu Ctrl o Ctrl g
Textarea Ctrl o Ctrl a
Object Ctrl h Ctrl o
Parameter Ctrl h Ctrl w
Table Ctrl t Ctrl t
Caption Ctrl t Ctrl l
Change to Data cell Ctrl t Ctrl d
Change to Heading cell Ctrl t Ctrl h
Join with the cell at the right Ctrl t Ctrl e
Join with the cell below Ctrl t Ctrl j
Shrink horizontal extend Ctrl t Ctrl s
Shrink vertical extend Ctrl t Ctrl m
Select the row Ctrl t Ctrl r
Insert a row Ctrl t Ctrl i
Append a row Ctrl t Ctrl n
Select the column Ctrl t Ctrl c
Insert a column Ctrl t Ctrl b
Append a column Ctrl t Ctrl a
Paste before Ctrl t Ctrl p
Paste after Ctrl t Ctrl v
Emphasis Ctrl i Ctrl e
Strong Ctrl i Ctrl s
Cite Ctrl i Ctrl w
Definition Ctrl i Ctrl x
Code Ctrl i Ctrl t
Variable Ctrl i Ctrl v
Sample Ctrl i Ctrl m
Keyboard Ctrl i Ctrl k
Abbreviation Ctrl i Ctrl u
Acronym Ctrl i Ctrl y
Insertion Ctrl i Ctrl i
Deletion Ctrl i Ctrl d
Quotation Ctrl i Ctrl q
BiDi override Ctrl i Ctrl z
Insert a formula Ctrl m Ctrl m
New matrix Ctrl m Ctrl h
Plain text Ctrl m Ctrl x
Identifier Ctrl m Ctrl d
Number Ctrl m Ctrl n
Operator Ctrl m Ctrl g
Space Ctrl m Ctrl Space
Character Ctrl m Ctrl e
InvisibleTimes Ctrl m Ctrl i
ApplyFunction Ctrl m Ctrl a
Root Ctrl m Ctrl r
Square root Ctrl m Ctrl q
Enclose Ctrl m Ctrl c
Fraction Ctrl m Ctrl f
Subscript and Superscript Ctrl m Ctrl b
Subscript Ctrl m Ctrl v
Superscript Ctrl m Ctrl 6
Under and Over Ctrl m Ctrl k
Under Ctrl m Ctrl u
Over Ctrl m Ctrl o
Parentheses Ctrl m Ctrl p
Multiscripts Ctrl m Ctrl s
Structure row Ctrl m Ctrl l
Piecewise Ctrl m Ctrl j
Matrix Ctrl m Ctrl t
Factorial Ctrl m Ctrl !
Universal quantifier Ctrl M Ctrl A
Complexes Ctrl M Ctrl C
Differential Ctrl M Ctrl D
Partial differential Ctrl M Ctrl d
There exists Ctrl M Ctrl E
Arrow Ctrl M Ctrl F
Arrow with base Ctrl M Ctrl f
Greater than or equal Ctrl M Ctrl G
Integral Ctrl M Ctrl I
Special integral Ctrl M Ctrl i
Imply Ctrl M Ctrl J
Equivalent to Ctrl M Ctrl j
Less or equal Ctrl M Ctrl L
Application Ctrl M Ctrl M
Naturals Ctrl M Ctrl N
Negation Ctrl M Ctrl n
Product from ... to ... Ctrl M Ctrl P
Product Ctrl M Ctrl p
Rationnals Ctrl M Ctrl Q
Reals Ctrl M Ctrl R
Sum from ... to ... Ctrl M Ctrl S
Sum Ctrl M Ctrl s
Tend to ... Ctrl M Ctrl T
Tend to ... when ... tend to ... Ctrl M Ctrl t
Union Ctrl M Ctrl U
Column vector Ctrl M Ctrl V
Line vector Ctrl M Ctrl v
Is in Ctrl M Ctrl Y
Includes Ctrl M Ctrl y
Relative numbers Ctrl M Ctrl Z
alpha : α, Α Ctrl g Ctrl a / Ctrl G Ctrl A
beta : β, Β Ctrl g Ctrl b / Ctrl G Ctrl B
gamma : γ, Γ Ctrl g Ctrl c / Ctrl G Ctrl C
delta : δ, Δ Ctrl g Ctrl d / Ctrl G Ctrl D
epsilon : ε, Ε Ctrl g Ctrl e / Ctrl G Ctrl E
zeta : ζ, Ζ Ctrl g Ctrl z / Ctrl G Ctrl Z
eta : η, Η Ctrl g Ctrl h / Ctrl G Ctrl H
theta : θ, Θ Ctrl g Ctrl j / Ctrl G Ctrl J
iota : ι, Ι Ctrl g Ctrl i / Ctrl G Ctrl I
kappa : κ, Κ Ctrl g Ctrl k / Ctrl G Ctrl K
lambda : λ, Λ Ctrl g Ctrl l / Ctrl G Ctrl L
mu : μ, Μ Ctrl g Ctrl m / Ctrl G Ctrl M
nu : ν, Ν Ctrl g Ctrl n / Ctrl G Ctrl N
xi : ξ, Ξ Ctrl g Ctrl q / Ctrl G Ctrl Q
omicron : ο, Ο Ctrl g Ctrl o / Ctrl G Ctrl O
pi : π, Π Ctrl g Ctrl p / Ctrl G Ctrl P
rho : ρ, Ρ Ctrl g Ctrl r / Ctrl G Ctrl R
sigma : σ, Σ Ctrl g Ctrl s / Ctrl G Ctrl S
tau : τ, Τ Ctrl g Ctrl t / Ctrl G Ctrl T
upsilon : υ, Υ Ctrl g Ctrl u / Ctrl G Ctrl U
phi : φ, Φ Ctrl g Ctrl f / Ctrl G Ctrl F
chi : χ, Χ Ctrl g Ctrl x / Ctrl G Ctrl X
psi : ψ, Ψ Ctrl g Ctrl y / Ctrl G Ctrl Y
omega : ω, Ω Ctrl g Ctrl w / Ctrl G Ctrl W
Copy location Ctrl l Ctrl c
Link to previous target Ctrl l Ctrl p
Create or change link Ctrl l Ctrl l
Create target Ctrl l Ctrl t
Delete anchor Ctrl l Ctrl d
Create rule Ctrl i Ctrl c
Show applied style Ctrl i Ctrl g
Link Ctrl i Ctrl l
Open Ctrl i Ctrl o
Remove Ctrl i Ctrl r
Transform Ctrl t Ctrl x
Change title Ctrl h Ctrl t
Generate table of contents Ctrl h Ctrl g
Show the graphic library Ctrl l Ctrl s
Add the selected graphics in the library Ctrl l Ctrl f