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Research Notebook: Recommended Reading

See also: an index of web architecture terms, a glossary of web terms.

IETF - Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Working Group
by Roy Fielding
SDSI---A Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure
especially: Local Names, Certificates, and Name/Value Bindings
BIBLINK - Work Package 2 - Other Resources
Decoupling the URL Scheme from the Transport Protocol
- an idea from TimBL's design issues, independently discovered?
Hypernews on URNs
By Daniel LaLiberte at NCSA. Also, hypernews on URCs.
The Augmented Knowledge Workshop
Engelbart et. al., 1973
Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an OHS
Douglas C. Engelbart June 1990 (AUGMENT,132082,)
URI background
by Ron Daniel
Stable Network File URLs as a Mechanism for Uniform Naming
by Terry Winograd, Dec 1993. It's no longer at that address, but John S White found a copy in LANL archive for me.

Research Notebook: Works In Progress

An Index of URI Schemes
http:, ftp:, irc:, etc. Need to look one up? Thinking of suggesting a new one?
Notes on URI Implementations
software, documentation, and bugs
W3C Sample Code Library libwww DNS Class
The traditional way to make an HTTP connection is to find the IP address of the host using DNS, and connect to port 80 of that host address. In theory, there can be many IP addresses (so called 'A records') associated with a hostname in DNS. The W3C reference library demonstrates a mechanism to use the additional A records for failover. But in practice, popular clients do not consult these additional A records. The result is a single point of failure in almost all HTTP connections.
Web Design Issues
more on Axioms of Web Architecture, Myth of Naming and Addressing, etc.
An Evaluation of the World Wide Web with respect to Engelbart's Requirements
esp the requirement to have all resources in a hypermedia system addressable
Automated Link Maintenance
Catalog Numbers
URIs for publishing: URNs, Catalog numbers, citations...
Catalogs: Resource Description and Discovery
notes on PICS metadata infrastructure for resource description and catalogs
Quality of Service
on the tension between reliability and scalability
the "me llamo" link
idea: a link type where a document says "I call myself X". In combination with a back-link service, it's a nifty URN idea.
All Resources Addressable
The requirement to have all resources in a hypermedia system addressable was identified long ago in Douglas Engelbart's seminal paper (see also, An Evaluation of the World Wide Web with respect to Engelbart's Requirements). The ability to make a reference to a resource with a URL enables linking, searching, and a variety of navigation and access techniques.

Some services make information available via the web, but not addressable. For example, results of database queries using POST (rather than GET) are not addressable. A items in a catalog put on the web this way can't be linked to, and cannot participate in third-party search services. This unfortunate choice by some information providers reduces automation and scalability in the web.

It is also unfortunate that, for example, headings in HTML documents are not addressable unless they are marked up as anchors explicitly. See XML above.

Almost all of the URL schemes used today rely on the Domain Name System. DNS is a hierarchical, administratively controlled namespace. It is essential that this namespace be held in the public trust and administered accordingly.
on URI vs. URL.
Oct 97

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