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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Meeting: Clear Language and WCAG 3 coordination
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date 01 02 2024
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agenda+ WCAG 3 update
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agendum 1 -- WCAG 3 update -- taken up [from julierawe]
16:15:44 [julierawe]
We huddled with Rachael and suggested having a community group or new subgroup develop the Clear Language guidelines
16:16:08 [julierawe]
John R: Optimistic but also skeptical
16:16:20 [julierawe]
John K: I'd like to see a really good mission statement
16:16:54 [julierawe]
John R: We need to define everything we can so we get the right people to volunteer, maybe a roadmap
16:17:14 [julierawe]
John R: We have our page which describes our goals
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Julie: do we want to lead development of clear language tests and methods? in leadership role?
16:29:13 [julierawe]
John R: It would be a good idea for us to talk with Rachael
16:29:39 [julierawe]
John R: When I started working on accessible authentication, that was 9 years ago. And it was just passed.
16:30:15 [julierawe]
John R: All of this administrative stuff and figuring out collaboration — it's part of the W3C process. It takes a long time to reach concensus
16:30:26 [julierawe]
John R: Where are the resouces to achieve that concensus?
16:32:01 [kirkwood]
Julie: do we think we can do tests and methods for english (only) realistically?
16:33:08 [kirkwood]
… we had a mad rush lst summer, lots of admin stuff. but now do we have the bandwidth to build out tests and methods?’
16:33:13 [julierawe]
John R: At the last meeting we talked about us doing English and let others do everything else
16:33:41 [julierawe]
John R: Doing the actual work is good. It's the admin stuff that is frustrating.
16:34:01 [julierawe]
John R: Going forward, this is what we have to do to keep our group together, to keep momentum.
16:34:06 [kirkwood]
John R: going forward this is what we have to do to keep momentum
16:35:06 [julierawe]
John R: I want to develop the English first as the prototype
16:35:23 [kirkwood]
John R: lets get done in English first
16:37:38 [kirkwood]
Julie: what are each test going to look like? who’s going to help with that?
16:38:34 [kirkwood]
JohnR: one way could go develop a test or two and ask the powers to review and yes/no if give blessing go
16:42:25 [kirkwood]
Julie: let’s take sentence structure, such as not passive test. when is it ok to use passive voice. sometimes its harsh…. how do you write it out to be testable? is what we task is write information to go into ai? am i not understanding?
16:43:27 [kirkwood]
JohnR: what we could do is develop the principles and develop examples to test. but no way to come up with examples for every possible test. its a hurculin task otherwise
16:44:03 [kirkwood]
… here principles, here are a couple of examples
16:44:55 [kirkwood]
JohnR: come up with principle and ways to test on ways to follow and use cases
16:46:09 [kirkwood]
Julie: where i’m stuck is where WCAG 3 is all about testable outcomes. how to test of heading the principle. could be done as a assertion. no teeth enforce ignore them.
16:46:43 [kirkwood]
… if we cant come up with test that fits with borader community, could do an essertion?
16:47:39 [kirkwood]
… think there is time to do that?
16:49:05 [julierawe]
John R: How about we develop one test in English and put it out for feedback and for others to develop tests for other language?
16:49:34 [julierawe]
John K: With AI, we can do this. Here's the parameters that we gave AI to simplify the information based on the parameters in our guidelines.
16:50:44 [kirkwood]
John R: heres a scenerio. how about we develop one test our group and then bring in more resources. so we have a core set we can manage that we are capable of
16:52:26 [kirkwood]
… GPT enterprise in simple language. it stumbles and take article. in simple languge.
16:56:28 [julierawe]
Next steps: Julie and John R will draft email to send to Rachael and Lisa to clarify what we want our next steps to be.
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