IRC log of webauthn on 2024-01-10

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logging to
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20:02:27 [plh]
meeting: Web Authentication WG
20:02:30 [plh]
Chair: Tony
20:02:38 [plh]
scribeNick: jfontana
20:03:08 [plh]
20:03:12 [plh]
20:03:55 [plh]
present+ JohnB, AdamL, NickS, Arnar, JamesZ, MichaelJ, Lachlan, DavidT, AndersB, JohnF, sweeden, Tony, EmilL
20:04:49 [plh]
(reminder: next week meeting is canceled. next meeting the week after)
20:04:57 [jfontana]
tony, looking for the date.
20:05:19 [jfontana]
tony: looking for the date.
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20:05:58 [jfontana]
tony: group feeling on meeting
20:07:52 [plh]
plh: TPAQC 2024 is in Anaheim (23-27 September 2024)
20:08:02 [plh]
20:08:03 [jfontana]
tony: it's in anaheim, CA
20:09:09 [jfontana]
tony: lots going on. I am open
20:09:20 [plh]
--> TPAC 2024 - Hybrid meeting
20:09:47 [jfontana]
bradley: could go at Identiverse (vegas)
20:10:35 [jfontana]
tony: IIW, it could go there?
20:10:55 [jfontana]
...not hearing a preference
20:11:09 [jfontana]
...would have more people at TPAC
20:11:27 [jfontana] least see for TPAC
20:11:46 [jfontana]
...TPAC sept. 23-25
20:13:17 [jfontana]
DW: could get a little closer.
20:13:24 [jfontana]
...easier for me
20:13:36 [jfontana]
tony: more preference for not having it at RSA time
20:14:20 [jfontana]
...who can host or someone who would offer
20:14:54 [jfontana]
selfissue: IIW is a good spot for me.
20:15:28 [jfontana]
IIW and Identiverse and tpac
20:16:16 [jfontana]
tony: items to look at
20:19:29 [jfontana]
20:19:36 [jfontana]
20:19:45 [jfontana]
DW: looking for reveiw
20:20:03 [jfontana]
agl: looks valid
20:20:17 [jfontana]
20:20:51 [jfontana]
pasco: ready, needs more review
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20:21:12 [jfontana]
pasco: want to move forward, but no hurry
20:21:31 [jfontana]
bradley: joins review
20:22:53 [jfontana]
20:23:05 [jfontana]
MMiller: merged.
20:23:32 [jfontana]
20:23:51 [jfontana]
bradley: we should merge this.
20:24:05 [jfontana]
tony: merged
20:24:13 [jfontana]
20:24:25 [jfontana]
matt: want to talk about it.
20:24:29 [jfontana]
...move on.
20:24:35 [jfontana]
20:25:53 [jfontana]
20:25:57 [jfontana]
matt: OK with this
20:26:16 [jfontana]
20:26:32 [jfontana]
mmiller: this has been merged
20:26:51 [jfontana]
20:27:11 [jfontana]
20:27:17 [jfontana]
tony: no update.
20:27:40 [jfontana]
20:27:52 [jfontana]
emil: small thing.
20:28:27 [jfontana]
tony: approved.
20:28:42 [jfontana]
...that was 2015
20:29:23 [jfontana]
20:29:32 [jfontana]
tony: done
20:30:35 [jfontana]
20:31:23 [jfontana]
20:31:29 [jfontana]
agl: new, but small.
20:38:40 [jfontana]
agl: take a week on 2012 and we will deal with it next week
20:38:44 [jfontana]
tony: ok
20:42:39 [jfontana]
20:44:16 [jfontana]
mmiller: does this touch on privacy
20:44:28 [jfontana]
agl: not worked on this.
20:47:30 [jfontana]
arnar: I think we should change this.
20:47:53 [jfontana]
mmilller: close
20:48:17 [jfontana]
20:49:46 [jfontana]
agl: this request is plausable.
20:55:18 [jfontana]
mmiller: there are fine lines here.
20:55:27 [jfontana]
tony: you want to take time here.
20:55:42 [jfontana]
mmiller: yes.
20:57:45 [jfontana]
tony: let's close. no meeting next week, one in two weeks.
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate jfontana
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rrsagent, make logs public
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Zakim, list attendees
21:11:08 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been plh, JohnB, AdamL, NickS, Arnar, JamesZ, MichaelJ, Lachlan, DavidT, AndersB, JohnF, sweeden, Tony, EmilL
21:11:38 [jfontana]
Chairs: Tony Nadalin, John Fontana
21:12:16 [jfontana]
rrsagent: bye
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