This session will be a precursor to our upcoming workshop, Secure the Web Forward, which aims to increase the overall security of web applications by addressing the need for clear, guidelines for web developers, identifying key emerging technologies and gaps.

Potential discussion points include:

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Secure the Web Forward
Breakout session

Dan Appelquist

★ W3C TPAC 2023, Seville, 11–15 September ★


  1. Pick a scribe
  2. Reminders: code of conduct and other policies
  3. Goal of this session
  4. Context: Secure the Web Forward Workshop
  5. Discussion
  6. Next steps / Where discussion continues

Goal of this session

Secure the Web Workshop

Devs and Web Security survey

Additional concerns: staying updated with new security threats, integrating third-party code securely, the lack of cybersecurity content in formal education, regulatory compliance.

Need to get people talking to each other across silos

Workshop papers and agenda

See 8 selected papers. Three axes of discussion:

Three live sessions planned on 26, 27, 28 September at 3pm UTC.