To develop features and discuss alternative designs, standardization groups often ponder the needs of web app developers. To collect feedback from developers, ad-hoc mechanisms are being used, including:

Could more systematic developer research be conducted and made available to groups when they need it? The WebDX Community Group proposes this breakout session to discuss providing developer research as a service in standardization groups and collect requests for research data that groups may need.

For additional background, the WebDX Community Group, created last year, conducts research to make available quantitative and qualitative data to all aspects of the web platform feature life cycle. Current research data is the result of MDN short surveys and contributions to existing survey programs.

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Developer experience research and spec development
Breakout session

François Daoust

★ W3C TPAC 2023, Seville, 11–15 September ★


  1. Pick a scribe
  2. Reminders: code of conduct and other policies
  3. Goal of this session
  4. Context (TPAC 2022, WebDX CG, surveys)
  5. Discussion
  6. Next steps / Where discussion continues

Goal of this session

TPAC 2022

A simplified picture of how a feature lands on the platform, starting with a research phase followed by specification and implementations and then a drive to adoption. Topic of discussion is the possibility to provide more regular developer research during the lifecycle

“What would make the research more impactful?”


Goals of the research workstream:

  1. Driving broad research on web platform to create shared understanding of developer needs
  2. Driving in-depth research on specific topics to generate actionable insights
  3. Providing developer research as a service for SDOs to accelerate and improve decision making

MDN short surveys

Collaboration with surveys

Group may provide input to surveys, review and/or publish results, e.g.:

New State of HTML survey

See State of HTML survey outline

Led by Lea Verou

Developer research as a service